5 Essential Tips to Setup Fiverr Gig Title


Having a great Fiverr gig title is one of the main reasons behind success of Fiverr gigs . Your gig title is going to decide your gig views, ranking, sales and overall success.

So how to setup a great title for your Fiverr gig? Following are some of the tips to doing just that.

1. Get an SEO friendly URL

Only a very few people use this technique, but once you use it, it could surely give you a competitive edge over your competition.

When you give your gig a title for the first time, it gives your gig a URL which is unchangeable. Let’s say, your gig title is I will create a very beautiful website for $5 , your url would be username/create-a-very-beautiful-website which is not a very SEO friendly.

Instead you must create an SEO friendly title for the first time such as I will design beautiful stunning website for $5 which will generated a url username/beautiful-stunning-website. It will help you rank easily for “Stunning Website Design” keyword.

 Once you get an SEO friendly URL you can always change your gig title to something more buyer friendly.

2. Use Power Keyword in Fiverr Gig Title

Before we move on, I have a question for you. Take a look at following pictures.

Which one are you going to click? Absolutely right one. It’s because the right one is using a power word in title. Power word could be any word such as “Stunning”, “Impressive”, Unimaginable”, “Best Quality” which gives your gig a sense of superiority.

If you are using any of such words, it will surely make a huge impact to your gig impression and probably sales as well.


KISS  ( Keep It Simple Silly ) applies in Fiverr gig title as well. Don’t use jargon or any difficult word in title of your gig. Keep it very simple and to the point.

Let’s say you provide virtual assistance services, so your gig title probably might be “I will be helping you with your daily office work for $5″  or ” I will be your virtual assistance for $5″. Second one of these is very simple and clear so surely it will make more people come to you gig.

4. Make Use of Keywords and Capital Letter

Always mention the most important keywords in title of your gig. Use keywords you believe people search for on Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to write one of the words as capital letters so make sure to use it effectively. Although having a capital word in title seems to have no importance with your gig seo, yet it surely help getting more people to clicking to your gig by making a keyword prominent.

I will create  stunning GENESIS website design for $5″.  You can quickly spot Genesis in the previous sentence, that’s the power of capital letter.


5. Keep it Short

Make sure to keep your title short, but not too short. Usually a title between 15-30 letters work best. If you use two many words, Fiverr may skip some of them when showing your gig in search results and if you use very few words, you are also sacrificing ranking your gig for some of keywords.

That’s all I had for now related to creating a great Fiverr gig title. I will keep updating this article with changes in Fiverr trends.

Do you have some ideas regarding creating a great Fiverr gig title? Don’t forget to mention them in the comments below.


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